Business plan canvas lean to shelters

Metal Lean to buildings come in 3 different roof lines and many different size configurations. Some of the available options include an open carport lean to, one with its center closed with the lean to open, fully enclosed or as shown in this picture the center open and the lean to closed.

Business plan canvas lean to shelters

The emu ranch will be in the business of "ranching", or raising, emu birds for two main purposes. The first purpose is to raise newly hatched emu chicks to the age of a year or older, pair them off and sell them as good quality adult emu breeding pairs.

The second purpose is to raise a portion of these chicks business plan canvas lean to shelters the age of twelve months or older for the purpose of slaughter for their lean red meat, oil and skin for leather products. The breeding pairs will be sold nationwide to other emu ranchers, who are established in the business or are just starting.

At first, this will be the emu ranch's main target market, because of the high profits that can be made by selling adult emus as breeding pairs. The emu ranch's secondary market will be the slaughter market, whose main products consist of prime cuts of emu meat, ready for shipments to restaurants, residential orders, worldwide markets and in the future, shipment to supermarkets.

business plan canvas lean to shelters

High quality leather from the emu's skin, and five to six liters of emu oil, which is currently being used in the cosmetic industry, will also be distributed. Additionally, the medical industry uses the oil for therapeutic rubbing oil, skin and facial moisturizing lotions and medical applications used for treating the skin of burn victims.

The raising of emu birds for breeding pairs or for slaughter is unique, because the emu breeding pairs, when at their peak of producing fertile eggs, will produce at the end of an eighteen month cycle. Between forty five to fifty adult emus will be ready for slaughter or to be sold as breeding pairs at eighteen months to two years old.

In other words, one breeding pair will produce more meat and leather in eighteen months than one beef cow breeding pair, not including the amount of high grade oil that forty to fifty adult emus will produce.

Each adult emu will produce seven liters of fine organic oil, that is non-allergenic to human skin. Right now the emu industry is in a breeder's market stage, which means that the nation's emu ranchers are raising and selling their adult emu birds as breeding pairs, instead offer slaughter.

There are substantial profits that can be made in raising and selling emus as breeding pairs, given the large volume of emu ranches that are starting each year.

Proven breeding pairs may lay between thirty to fifty fertile eggs per mating season. Therefore, if the emu ranch started with ten proven breeding pairs that would lay on average thirty-five eggs each, of which, at the end of successfully raising all of the emu chicks to eighteen-months to two-year-old adult emus, the total number of adult emus would be This means that nearly all of the emu farmers are raising their newborn emus to fully adult breeding pairs and selling them to emu farmers who are just getting started in the business.

The current annual growth rate in the number of new or start-up emu farms here in the United States is between four and five thousand, which is the total number of emu farms which existed in The average number of breeding pairs that each new farm will start with, is between two to eight breeding pairs.

Therefore, the average number of breeding pairs needed for is twenty-four thousand, or forty eight thousand birds.

The current emu population in the United States is estimated to be between two hundred fifty thousand and five hundred thousand.

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The majority of this population is located in Texas. The secondary target market will be the emu slaughter market.

The number of emus required for slaughter annually at a conservative projection is estimated to be between one and a half and two and a half million birds. These projections are expected to increase within the next three to five years.

This figure does not include the existing large demand of products that exist within the European markets. Of the estimated two hundred fifty thousand to five million emu birds that exist here in the United States, only twenty to thirty thousand of these birds are actually laying hens.

The growth potential for emu ranching in the next five years is unlimited, given the above information. Also, the demand for emu products is currently surpassing and will continue in the next five years to surpass emu supply.

The growth potential of emu ranching in the next ten years is projected to be unlimited, given the projections for the number of emus required for slaughter to meet consumer demands both here in the United Stated and in Europe. Industry Characteristics and Trends Emu ranching has been increasing rapidly sinceas more people are discovering the potential market value of the meat, leather and oil products that can be derived from the bird.

The emu provides lean, red meat that is low in fat, calories and cholesterol. Furthermore, it is high in protein and iron with a texture and appearance similar to beef.

Because of its low fat content, emu meat does not shrink during cooking. The emu provides a soft and subtle, high quality leather, that is more highly sought after than leather from cattle in the high fashion and garment industries. Each emu provides 6 liters of a highly penetrating oil extracted from a layer of fat that surrounds the emu's body.

This oil has the characteristic of being totally absorbed by the skin, which gives it an excellent market potential for cosmetics, such as skin and facial creams, fragrances and Pharmaceuticals, such as pain relieving rubbing creams, arthritic rubbing oil and burn relieving creams.

Currently, the emu industry is in the breeder's cycle stage. This means that the emu ranchers are raising emus for the purpose of selling them as proven breeding pairs. This is where the emu has its highest return for the amount invested in raising the birds.

The value of proven breeding pairs is based on the number of fertile eggs produced each breeding season. In the next three to five years, the emu industry will move into a slaughter market.

The potential of emu ranching will be based on consumer demand for both emu meat and oil products. Recent test markets indicate that there is a large potential for consumer demand of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products made from the emu's oil.

Estimations indicate that consumer demand for emu products will far surpass the emu population, even ten to twenty years into the future.Know exactly what you want?

Save time with this quick order form. If you know the catalog/part numbers for the items you wish to purchase, enter them into your cart here. Lean To Carports & Lean To Buildings. The metal buildings, lean to carports, and lean to metal barns are delivered and installed for free to these 17 states in the USA: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

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A tent (/ t ɛ n t / ()) is a shelter consisting of sheets of fabric or other material draped over, attached to a frame of poles or attached to a supporting rope. While smaller tents may be free-standing or attached to the ground, large tents are usually anchored using guy ropes tied to stakes or tent used as portable homes by nomads, tents are now more often used for recreational.

The canvas used for shelters is often treated with fire resistant chemicals, so you can do more with a canvas shelter when it comes to heating, either with a campfire or a small, collapsible stove.

However, canvas is not light–at all. If it can be found in a park or a playground, chances are we sell it. We have helped thousands of public and private schools, churches, daycare centers, city and state parks, homeowner associations, apartment complexes, and other organizations to select, design, purchase, and install high quality outdoor recreational equipment.

May 29,  · For the past years,I've used all kinds of lean-to's,using tarps,foliage,etc.I've decided to get a Whelen tent as it's near perfection,in my opinion.I have patterns,etc and it would be easy for me to get the canvas then cut and sew but I've gotten lazy in my old age and would rather just get one made by people who will probably do a much better job than I would.

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