Clv customer essay

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Clv customer essay

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The customer satisfaction is the major aim of the business. Thus, retaining the customer and providing him what he needs is the priority of the business.

Thus, a business earns a profit from the customer over the time a customer stays with the business. Therefore, Customer Lifetime Value can be defined as the net profit that can be earned from the customer from the entire future relationship with the customer.

Thus, it is a prediction as to the retaining of the customer and how much value can be associated to it. The future cash flows predicted from the customer are calculated on the present value of the customer relations. Customer Lifetime Value or CLV is widely used these days in the industry so as to know about the customer of the business and they're worth.

It is used to assess the financial value of each customer. This way the business can rank its customers because at times the value of a few customers is more than the rest. It is important for the business to know its customers and prioritize them. This helps the business in categorizing their customers and emphasizing on the important ones.

CLV is used widely these days to categorize the customers. It has become important for the business to know their customers. Thus, a business cannot treat all the customers equally which is why the business must create segments of the different customers and focus on the one which brings huge revenues for the business.

CLV helps in carrying out this process. CLV is calculated by subtracting the cost incurred on the acquisition of the customer and the cost incurred for serving them by the revenue generated from them.

The other expenses incurred by the customers i. The Customer Lifetime Value can be calculated using any of the following two methods: Historic Customer Lifetime Value: It simply takes into consideration the historic or previous data.

The previous gross profits are summed up. The expenses incurred are subtracted from the gross profits so earned. Predictive Customer Lifetime Value: It is the estimation of the net profits the company will earn from the customer in the future.

It is merely a prediction and is always uncertain. The predictions are based on the behavior of the customers on the basis of the past.

Clv customer essay

The historical method is simple and more reliable than the predictive model. The prediction model may be rendered useless in case of any uncertainty. Models used to calculate Customer Lifetime Value: Average revenue per user: Under this method, the average revenue earned from a customer is calculated.

This average revenue can be calculated for every month i. Total Revenue earned from the customer divided by the number of months for which the customer has been associated with the business. This average can be used to predict the future revenue that can be earned from the customer.

Channel/customer profitableness

This method is most widely used as it helps to ascertain the average value. Even if the value fluctuates, it will not affect the average and will fall in the same circle. Cohort Analysis is used by the companies to analyze the customer groups in total. This approach is used to study the market groups rather than studying individual groups.

The cohorts are formed of the customers with similar traits and characteristics. The customers behave in a uniform manner. Their behavior is studied and it is ascertained as to what affects their tastes and preferences.Business: - Essays & Research Papers.

Rks Guitars' Design’s Consumer Research. The objective of RKS Guitars The concept of RKS Design firm is through the innovation of design to create the value of product and offer a better user interface.

CLV is a measurement of what a customer is projected to be worth over a lifetime. It is the potential contribution of the customer to the company over period of time. Projecting CLV helps the company in benchmarking for how much it would or should be willing to invest to acquire a customer.

Order Description What is Customer Lifetime Value? Describe a situation where a company should focus on CLV to cultivate their customer relationships.

Describe a situation where CLV and customer retention will not be important. Define and describe Database Marketing and CRM. What are the pros and cons of Database Marketing andRead more about Write my Paper on Customer Lifetime Value[ ].

Analyse customer needs and expectations by demonstrating the ability to integrate business, information, stakeholders, business processes and technologies into a coherent CRM deployment.

Provide an analysis of ethical and privacy issues towards the management of customer data. managing customer relationships 5 relationships must be carefully managed and customer loyalty must be earned (Rust et al., ).

However, the customer base is certainly a market-based asset that should be measured, managed.

Clv customer essay

Case #1 – Customer Life Time Value Memorandum As you asked the MasterCard Sales Team last week, we figured out short and long term CLV with our current customer base.

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