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Online essays book of revelation

It has been assumed traditionally that the author was John the apostle. The evidence, both for and against apostolic authorship, is as follows. Against Apostolic Authorship 1 Dionysius Although most ancient church authorities held to apostolic authorship, some did not, particularly Dionysius of Alexandria.

By comparing the Gospel of John with the Revelation, Dionysius came to the conclusion that they could not both be authored by the same man.

Since he already embraced apostolic authorship for the Fourth Gospel, he had to deny it for the Apocalypse. What Dionysius is not telling us is the motivation behind the rejection. At that time the Alexandrian School of Theology, including Dionysius, opposed the doctrine of the millennial kingdom which is plainly taught in chapter 20 with its reference to the thousand years.

We shall take the second point first, then lump the first and third together. It should be noted here, however, that Dionysius has actually based his case regardless of his motive on both internal and external evidence. Indeed, his case is so strong that for some time I was persuaded by it!

Guthrie paints a uniform picture of modern opinion which is far from uniform: In the Fragments of Papias 2: For I was not pleased with those who say many things even though such is popular with the masses 10but with those who teach the truth.

Online essays book of revelation

Nor was I pleased with those who remember the other commandments, but [only] with those who [remember the commandments] from the Lord which have been given in faith and which come from it in truth. For I did not entertain [the idea that] the words from books would benefit me nearly as much as those from a living and abiding voice.

This famous passage, quoted in Eusebius, HE 3. The evidence for this is as follows. Both mentions of John, indirectly or directly, ascribe such a title to the man. The article could well be anaphoric. Still, in all fairness, the article is not obviously anaphoric and one might naturally expect some kind of qualifier if Papias wished to identify clearly one John with the other.

Of course, no one by the name of Aristion is listed among the personal disciples of the Lord, except here, so this argument may not be as compelling as it at first appears. He seems to imply this in the sentence which follows.

Nevertheless, it should be here pointed out that 1 there is some doubt that Papias actually mentions two men by the name of John, even though Dionysius probably took his starting point from this statement.

The case ultimately must be settled on other grounds. For Apostolic Authorship The list of patristic writers who accepted apostolic authorship is impressive and early: That Origen is in the list is especially significant, since he, like Dionysius, was from the Alexandrian school.

It was resisted, however, not primarily over questions of authorship, but over questions of theological perspective—viz. Internal Evidence Internally, the evidence is not so strong for apostolic authorship.

This is, quite frankly, what tips the scales for most scholars today. For Apostolic Authorship There are essentially three internal arguments for apostolicity. First, he is known by name alone to the seven churches to which he writes. Such would be more believable if the work were written by the apostle.

Second, he expects the churches to respond favorably and obediently to his writing, for he speaks with authority cf.

Guthrie makes much of this, though he makes little or no comment that much in the Revelation is due to the very nature of apocalyptic. This really is the strongest argument for common authorship. There are very strong similarities between this work and the Fourth Gospel especially.

Both have common ideas, common theological motifs, common terms. Indeed, one could well say that the Revelation is closer in thought and verbiage to the Fourth Gospel than it is to any other book in the NT canon. Against Apostolic Authorship There are likewise three arguments against apostolic authorship.

Further, if this work is to be dated toward the end of the first century—and even if the apostle were still alive at that time—could such an old man have written in such a vivid way?Online Essays Book Of Revelation online essays book of revelation Online essays book of revelation Grady awake volunteers, their headquarters this essay I will be explaining why the book of Revelation was written, and who it was written to, I will be discussing how .

Topic: Revelation. Order Description. Two research papers are required by all students in this course. Each paper should be 8–10 double-spaced pages in length, although you should consider this as a general guideline (longer papers will not be penalized, and a shorter paper, if very well done, could be an “A” quality paper).

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29 The book of Revelation virtually outlines itself, provided that one sees as a key to the book (as those of the futurist school would). The outline employed in this paper is a modification of what was learned from S.

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