Teachers pay teachers christmas writing activity

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Teachers pay teachers christmas writing activity

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TeachHUB Blog Just because you're showing a movie before the end of term doesn't mean you are abandoning learning. Here are a few ways to get the most educational value out of holiday favorites.

Character Education with Rudolph Use Rudolph to create a lesson about being different and special. Have students write down what makes them special either adjectives for younger students or essays for older students and share in group.

Rudolph is a great tie in to teaching tolerance and anti-bullying messages.

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Students can try to write holiday-inspired stories. For social studies, Elf demonstrates the culture clash that can take place between people from different homelands.

Buddy only knows the life of an elf, with their rules and their clothes and their main professions. When he comes to America, he struggles to fit in. When have your students traveled somewhere where they felt out of place?

He uses all kind of simple machines and scientific principles to outsmart the bad guys, including using the conductivity of the door handle to burn their hands, a pendulum to propel paint cans and gravity, gravity, gravity.

There's also a geography connection because the family is in Paris. How far is it from their home? What are ways the mom can take to travel there? What a great tie in to counting and even economic principals?

teachers pay teachers christmas writing activity

Why do some people have lots of money and some people have very little? The three ghosts also demonstrate the concept of past, present and future tense in a concrete way.

Watching holiday favorites in another language can help to bridge the gap for beginning language learners. Share your favorite movies to share in class and how you work them into the curriculum in the comments section!Create an event page on Facebook to spread the word about your Teacher Appreciation Week activities.

Join the Thank-A-Teacher Facebook group to share ideas and photos with communities across the country, and encourage your community to join this forum for expressing their gratitude to teachers.

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Jun 13,  · We made some graphic organizers to help you all tackle this ice cream science activity with your kids.

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Join Our Community Celebrate Christmas around the globe with a "world" of Christmas activities! If you could give any gift to the people of the world, what would that gift be?
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