Types of offence and courts essay

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Types of offence and courts essay

Types of offence and courts essay

What are the different courts in Australia and how do they work in criminal matters? In the ACT, the Magistrates Court hears criminal matters but only to decide whether or not the accused should be sent to a high court for a trial.

Matters in these courts are heard by a Judge. These courts also conduct criminal trials with juries for indictable offences.

Advantages of judicial precedent

Most Supreme Courts will conduct jury trials for indictable offences but this is generally only for very serious offences, such as murder. Supreme Courts will also hear appeals from lower courts. These appeals may be questions of fact where the appellant alleges that the Magistrate or Judge made an error relating to the facts of the case or questions of law where the appellant contends that the Magistrate or Judge has incorrectly applied the law.

There are special appeal divisions of the Supreme Court. For example, in Victoria and Queensland, the division that hears appeals is called the Court of Appeal.

Federal Courts The Federal Court will hear criminal matters that are created by federal legislation. That is, legislation that applies to all States and Territories.

Any appeal that goes to the High Court will be on a question of law only and special permission is required. Read more related faqs.Home — Essay Samples — Law — Court — Fast Track Courts for Rape Cases in India This essay has been submitted by a student.

This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. representation and one would be based on state population.

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This unified the states under a federal system. To this day, there are three types of Federal Courts: District Courts, Courts of . This research explores whether there is consistency in jury decision-making across Crown Courts, or whether differences in jury conviction rates are associated with other factors such as the type of offence, severity of the offence, number of charges against a defendant and defendant ethnic background.

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analysis of offence types, prior convictions and aggregate sentence lengths over time will be conducted in order to identify factors possibly contributing to the large increase of women in prison. The criminal justice system is one of the very major public service in the society.

There are many agencies who work together under criminal justice system; some of these are police, the courts, the prison service, the crown prosecution service and the national probation service.

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