Week four exercise assignment b

School hours is for school work and after school is family time, but family time in our home is spent in frustration on his side and mine and lasts most nights up to his bed time.

Week four exercise assignment b

Seeing Double Guess what? This sac produces blood and helps to nourish your young embryo.

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The blastocyst has completed its journey from your fallopian tube to your uterus. As soon as that little ball of cells is settled in your uterus, it will undergo the great divide, splitting into two groups.

Development of the Embryo and Amniotic Sac Despite its extremely tiny size — no longer than one millimeter and no bigger than a poppy seed think about that as you eat your morning bagel — your little embryo is busy setting up house. Now no bigger than a poppy seed though a whole lot sweeterthe ball of cells that will become your baby has completed its weeklong voyage down your fallopian tube and has claimed its berth in your uterus by tunneling into the sticky uterine lining.

Nestled in your uterine home, this miniature miracle has established the cozy connection that will bind the two of you for the next eight plus months and forever after.

Week four exercise assignment b

In the works is the amniotic sac that your baby will call home sweet home. Though your embryo is only a tiny dot, it has already started to differentiate into three layers, each with its own job assignment. The inner layer, called the endoderm, will become the digestive system, the liver, pancreas, bladder, and thyroid gland.

The middle layer — the mesoderm — will grow into the heart, bones, kidneys, muscles, and blood vessels. The outer layer, called the ectoderm, will develop into the brain, nervous system, skin, hair, and eyes.

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Your Body at Week 4 The Egg Implants Just a week after fertilization, baby-making is still in its infancy, so to speak. About 30 percent of the time, implantation bleeding will occur as that bundle of cells burrows its way into the uterine wall. Implantation bleeding, which is usually very scant and either light pink, light red or light brown, occurs earlier than your expected period.

You might feel a little pressure in your abdomen nothing to worry about! Within six to 12 days after fertilization, the egg starts to release hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin — the pregnancy hormone that will very soon turn that line on your pregnancy test pink or blue and your world upside down.

HCG alerts the corpus luteum the once-follicle this egg was released from that it needs to stick around and produce progesterone and estrogen to nourish the pregnancy until the placenta takes over about six weeks from now.

Doing the math is actually a lot easier than you think even if you slept through high school algebra. Your estimated due date is 40 weeks from the first day of your last period.

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If you do give birth on that day, your baby will have clocked in only 38 weeks in utero, not Want to set your watch to that due date or at least plan your maternity leave around it? Remember, your estimated due date is just that — an estimate. Most babies are born between 38 and 42 weeks and babies of first-time moms may be more likely to arrive on the later sidewhile only a handful actually make their debut right on schedule.This assignment is designed to provide you with practical experience in applying project management concepts.

Specifically, the objectives of this assignment are: To learn fundamental skills in the use of project management software – in this case, Microsoft Project. Essay about ENG WEEK FOUR ASSIGNMENT 2  WEEK FOUR / ASSIGNMENT “THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO KNOW” GINA BUFFALOE ENG PROFESSOR AUTUMN MILLER WEEK FOUR / ASSIGNMENT All Americans regardless of their economic standing in the community deserve access to essential and quality preventative, and primary healthcare.

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