Youth can bring a change in pakistan

What can the youth do for making Pakistan a safe homeland where equality can rule and injustice can be eradicate?

Youth can bring a change in pakistan

Youth Hostel in Salisbury, Wiltshire Number of hostels operated by the YHA, - Formation[ edit ] The concept of youth hostels originated in Germany in with Richard Schirrmann and it took 20 years for the ideas to reach fruition in the United Kingdom.

On 10 Aprilrepresentatives of these bodies met and agreed to form the British Youth Hostels Association. YHA's charitable objective is stated as: To help all, especially young people of limited means, to a greater knowledge, love and care of the countryside, particularly by providing hostels or other simple accommodation for them in their travels, and thus to promote their health, rest and education.

Opened in Decemberit closed in due to problems with the water supply. The water came from a nearby brook but this was contaminated by sewage from the farm next door. As was commented at the time: Of the hostels opened intwo remain open, Idwal Cottage and Street. All hostels provided accommodation in single sex dormitories, usually with bunk beds.

Most hostels had accommodation for both sexes, but in a few towns e. Southampton, separate hostels were provided for men and women. Each hostel was run by a manager known as a warden and all the hostels in an area were administered by a number of Regional Councils.

Initially, there were 14 Regional Councils, but the number grew to 19 by the end of Membership was required to stay at a hostel and everyone staying was required to assist in the running of the hostel by undertaking what were known as 'duties'.

These ranged from washing up to cleaning the hostel and, in hostels with no water supply on site, replenishing the water supply. Blankets and pillows were supplied. A sheet sleeping bag was used from the outset and could be hired for a small charge, but most members chose to provide their own, carrying it with them from hostel to hostel.

The emphasis was very much on a communal atmosphere within each hostel. The use of dormitory accommodation and common rooms in every hostel reinforced this. Also the shared interests, mostly walking and cycling, of those using the hostels contributed to this spirit.

From this rough and ready beginning, the organisation grew and grew so that, by the outbreak of World War IIthere were hostels and 83, members, withovernight stays being recorded.

Wartime reduction[ edit ] The war had a significant effect on YHA. Membership levels in and slumped as men and women joined the armed services and leisure travel was discouraged.

The number of hostels open decreased, with up to a third being closed for the duration due to their location in militarily sensitive areas.

The low point waswhen only hostels remained open [9] and overnight stays were reduced accordingly. It wasn't only the war that led to the closure of hostels; among the hostels that closed for good was Derwent Hall, flooded as a result of the Derwent Water Board project and the creation of Ladybower Reservoir.

From the low ofthings began to recover, so that by war's end over hostels were open and membership was back to pre-war levels. This increase in the latter part of the war was partly due to government encouragement for factory workers to take short breaks away from the cities.

Post war recovery[ edit ] With peace, the resurgence of YHA continued until, inthe peak number of hostels open was reached, with open in that year. Inthe number of regions was reduced to ten and financial changes made to make it easier for each region to manage its own affairs.

Direct management of the hostels was removed from the regional committees and a professional management structure was put in place.Find U.S. Department of State programs for U.S.

View from Pakistan: Can youth bring in a change?

and non-U.S. citizens wishing to participate in cultural, educational, or professional exchanges. Pakistan has many assets it can make better use of – from its vast water and river endowment, to its coastline and cities, to its natural resources, including its mining potential.

Mar 20,  · Youth can bring change in the society if they were allowed to to something, but from where we should get started.

Is there any platform for the youth to just get together for any cause and the answer is no. No doubt the youth of Pakistan is dedicated, enthusiastic with their country but emotions are not enough they need a direction to create a positive Pakistan.

Youth can bring a change in pakistan

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Youth can bring a change in pakistan

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